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Make a Call American Airlines Numeros de Telefono +1-860-579-6800

When searching for flight tickets over the internet for the best possible inflight experience, American Airlines can be the ideal choice for you. AA is one of the most popular and largest airlines in the world. The airline ensures to deliver the most comfortable and convenient air travel to passengers. From flight booking to on-board experience to reaching the destination; AA will never let your expectations go down. AA covers you in every situation by American Airlines Telefono. That means AA provides you experts assistance with every flight-related issue. AA is rated as the best airline in every aspect of the aviation industry. From flight services to customer support, AA has made its system best in everything.

How to Contact American Airlines Telefono USA?

AA allows you to take help from experts whenever you encounter any flight-related issue. The designated airline representatives are well trained and experienced; they are responsible for providing the needed assistance to all passengers. If you want an expert’s help, then follow these steps to connect with the designated airline executives.

  • You can find the American Airlines numeros de telefono on the official website of the airline.
  • Dial that number from your mobile phone and follow the voice prompts to connect with an expert.
  • Firstly, you need to select the language by pressing the relevant number.
  • After that, you are required to listen carefully and select your flight-related query.
  • Further, follow other needed voice prompts and wait for a few seconds until your call gets connected with the airline representatives.

You will be surprised by the instant and efficient help from the experts by dialing the American Airlines numeros de telefono. Moreover, the American Airlines español telefono numero is round the clock available, and you don’t need to worry about the call timings.

Customer Número de Telefono 800-433-7300: según los números

Para marcar American Airlines Número de teléfono  +1-860-579-6800
Llamada recogido por una persona real Yes
Departamento Reservations
Horas Customer Service 24 horas, 7 days
La mejor hora para marcar 2:25pm
Tiempo promedio de espera 15
Espera actual 15
Rango 1
Métodos alternativos Facebook, twitter, website, phone
Votos de los clientes 48,649



American Airlines Telefono

When do you Need to Dial the American Airlines Numeros de Telefono?

The helpline number established by American Airlines is all time available so that passengers can resolve their queries without making any extra effort. The designated experts go the extra mile to make your experience with American Airlines worthwhile. You can resolve all your flight-related issues without getting annoyed. Just dial the American Airlines numeros de telefono and follow the voice prompts to connect with the airline. Check out the common queries due to which people dial the helpline number of American Airlines.

  • Flight Reservation:
    Although AA allows people to book flight tickets easily by using the flight search engine available on American Airline’s website. However, some people may face difficulties while booking tickets manually. So, they can contact the American Airlines reservations desk by dialing the American Airlines telefono USA.
  • Seat Upgrade:
    There are different travel classes offered by the AA for which people can book tickets with their fare type. After booking flight tickets with the airline, many people may want to change the travel class or include add-ons in their itineraries. So, people can make any upgrade in their itinerary by dialing the Telefono de American Airlines.
  • Flight Updates:
    Unfortunately, some flights can be late due to several conditions, such as bad weather, operation reasons, etc. In these conditions, people must know when the flight will arrive or depart from the airport. Though people can check the flight status online but they can also connect with airline representatives by dialing the Telefono American Airlines 24 horas.
  • Seat Assignment:
    AA allows you to select the preferred seat while booking the tickets, depending on the fare type. However, some people forget to choose their favorite seat during the flight reservations. AA allows those passengers to select their seats after the flight booking by dialing the American Airlines español telefono. People can also choose seats during online check-in.
  • Refund for Cancellation:
    Due to the unwanted situation, some people cancel their booked tickets. For these situations, AA allows them to request for refund if eligible. People can submit the refund request form from the official website of the airline. However, some people can face problems while requesting a refund online, so AA allows you to connect with the airline by dialing American Airlines español telefono.
  • Tracking Luggage:
    Although AA makes sure that passengers get their luggage as soon as possible after getting off the plane. Misplaced luggage is a rare situation when traveling on AA flights, but it can happen. So, AA allows you to connect with the experts by dialing the American Airlines telefono.

These are the common queries due to which people need to connect with the airline by dialing the helpline number. Apart from these issues, you can resolve every flight-related questions by dialing the helpline number.

Know About the Baggage Policy by Dialing the American Airlines Español Telefono

AA is known for providing customer-friendly services to passengers to make their travel worthwhile. That is why AA has created an extensive and flyer-friendly baggage policy, including free as well as paid baggage allowance. Every passenger needs to follow the restrictions and norms mentioned in the baggage allowance to avoid the hassle at the airport. It would help if you asked an expert about the baggage allowance included in your itinerary by dialing the American Airlines telefono USA.

Moreover, you must know that all the passengers traveling with AA are allowed to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item onboard. However, the carry-on bag must not exceed the size limit of 45 linear inches or 115 centimeters including handles and wheels. The personal item must be of the proper size to fit under the overhead bin.

Dial Telefono American Airlines 24 Horas and Know your Entitled Inflight Amenities

AA is one of the eminent airlines in the world, offering an exquisite range of on-board services during the flight to make passengers air travel mind-blowing. However, the services provided during the journey may vary depending on the travel route and fare type. You must check your entitled on-board services provided during the flight by dialing the American Airlines numeros de telefono.

From a comfortable seating arrangement to complimentary beverages to the entertainment system; AA provides everything that an individual may need during the journey.

Know About the Refund and Ticket Cancellation by Dialing the Telefono de American Airlines

AA allows passengers to cancel their flight tickets and get a refund, depending on the cancellation timing and fare type of the passengers. There are many conditions that an individual should follow to be eligible for a refund by American Airlines. So, before cancelling a ticket, you must take an expert’s assistance by dialing American Airlines telefono. You can also check out the cancellation policy available on the American Airlines official website.

Reservaciones y cambios en boletos, Dentro de EE. UU. y Canadá

Inglés 800-433-7300 ( telefono American Airlines 24 horas )
American Airlines Español Telefono 800-633-3711
Francés 800-756-8613
Portugués 866-824-8717
Creole 800-833-5767
Japonés 800-237-0027
Chino mandarín 800-492-8095

Números de teléfonos en el mundo

Benín 21-322-795 o 97-482-220
Ghana 00233-302-782054 o 00233-302-776724
Marruecos 0520-001-375 ( telefono American Airlines 24 horas )
Sudáfrica 011-844-6067
Togo 228-913-40274
Australia 02-9101-1948 ( 24 horas )
China 400-818-7333 ( 24 horas )
Hong Kong 3057-9197 ( 24 horas )
Filipinas 02-85248625
India 0124-417-6700 o 0124-601-4200
Indonesia +65-634-98444
Japón 03-4333-7675
Singapur 6349-8444 ( 24 horas )
Tailandia 02-634-1030 o 02-634-1031 o 02-634-1032
Caribe y Bermudas
Anguilla 800-744-0006 ( 24 horas )
Antigua 800-744-0006 ( 24 horas )
Bahamas 800-433-7300 ( 24 horas )
Bermudas 800-744-0006 ( 24 horas )
Cuba 0800-22737 ( 24 horas )
Haití 509-2229-6000 ( 24 horas )
Jamaica 800-744-0006 ( 24 horas )
Trinidad 868-821-6000 ( 24 horas )
Turks and Caicos* 800-744-0006 ( 24 horas )
Europa y Rusia
Austria 01-360-277-3960
Croacia 020-898045
España 902-054-654 (0.08 EUR/minuto desde un teléfono fijo)
Finlandia 09-8171-0443
Francia 0821 980 999 (Servicio 0.12 EUR/ min + coste de llamada)
Italia 02-3859-1485
Portugal 808-20-09-58
Rusia 495 641 51 20 ( 24 horas )
Hungría 1-429-2346 (Llamada desde Budapest)
Islandia 800-4185 (número para llamadas gratuitas)
Irlanda 0818-710-299 (0.08 EUR/minuto desde un teléfono fijo)
México, Centroamérica y Sudamérica
Argentina Buenos Aires: 4318-1111
Llamada gratuita: 0-800-444-84253 ( 24 horas )
Brasil 3004-5000
Chile 508-5968, 01-800-9171-045
Costa Rica 2-539-7363
México 55-5209-1400, 800-904-6000 24 horas
Uruguay 000-4019-0834
Venezuela 212-720-1185, Llamada gratuita: 0-800-136-2334
Perú 0-800-40350
Paraguay 009-800-542-0003 ( telefono American Airlines 24 horas )
Medio Oriente
Arabia Saudita +60-3-2053-5120
Bahréin 1619-8041
Emiratos Árabes Unidos Abu Dhabi: 02-627-1111
Dubái: 04-703-6116
Israel 03-795-2123
Kuwait 2208-6808 ( 24 horas )
Omán 2455-9941 o 2455-9942
Qatar 4499-5736 o 4499-5737
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