Avail American Airlines Deals & Visit Top Waterfalls in Tanzania

Avail American Airlines Deals & Visit Top Waterfalls in Tanzania

Posted By: Admin 6 Feb, 2020

A land of wildlife sanctuaries, best trekking and hiking trails, pristine beaches, panoramic landscape, and cascading waterfalls, Tanzania is one of the worth-visiting tourist destinations on this planet. The surreal beauty of this country and a never-ending list of tourist hotspots enthral holidaymakers from every roof and corner of the world. The awe-inspiring natural beauty and exotic wildlife of Tanzania is surely a  delight for the nature buffs and lure them from far and wide. One of the lesser-known gems of Tanzania are numerous picturesque waterfalls that are not just a visual treat for the visitors but offer complete natural experience. Make American Airlines reservations to Tanzania and gaze at the alluring views offered by this country. Read this blog to the end and get to know about the wonderful waterfalls in Tanzania.

Best-Known Waterfalls in Tanzania For Enjoying a Sensuous Dip

Tanzania is a beautiful country located on the eastern coast of Africa. Referred to as the basket of nature’s beauty, this country boasts sheer abundance of nature and wildlife. If you love to explore the natural beauty at its best, then keep on reading to know about the best-known waterfalls in Tanzania before planning for the trip.

  • Sanje Falls

Blends beautifully with the exotic green landscape of Udzungwa Mountains National Park, Sanje Falls is tops the list of the worth-visiting waterfalls in Tanzania. It is 170m tall and is the ultimate spot for capturing some of the best shots in your lenses. Its picturesque beauty and misty affect will surely drop your jaw in awe and keeps you spellbind for the longer time. If you are a shutterbug and searching for the ultimate photography spot in Tanzania, then pay a visit at Sanje Falls, no matter from which angle you shoot, you’ll surely get the spectacular image of the surroundings.

  • Cave Waterfall

Lies close to the Arusha National Park on the slopes of Mount Meru, Cave Waterfall is yet another serene and gorgeous attraction to explore amidst wilderness. However, please note down the fact that you must have to follow certain rules and regulations to visit the waterfall. You are permitted to take only the guided tour here and the presence of the tourist guide is a must to visit here. In addition to this, you can enjoy swimming in this waterfall with the special permission of AUWASA. This waterfall is also an ideal spot for hiking.

  • Olmoti Crater Waterfall

Located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Olmoti Crater Waterfall is one of the fascinating waterfalls in Tanzania. This splendid waterfall can be seen even from miles away and its majestic beauty instantly grabs the eyeballs of the visitors and insists them to come for a closer look. It is sure that its heavenly beauty and jaw-dropping views will never disappoint you. This waterfall is perfect for an intermediate hiking as it takes almost 30 minutes to get to the waterfall. What are you waiting for now? Make American Airlines Booking right away and witness the panoramic views of the Tanzanian waterfalls.

  • Themi Waterfall

Created by one of the parts of Themi River, Themi Waterfall is one of the appealing waterfalls to explore in Tanzania. What makes this fall stand out from the crowd is the flow of its water i.e. underground stream. This 15m long waterfall is crystal clear and is thus considered to be the purest waterfall in Tanzania.

  • Soni Falls

One of the falls that not to be missed in Tanzania is Soni Falls which is situated in the West Usambaras Lushoto Mountain Reserve. Though this waterfall is difficult to reach but all your effort will be rewarded when you view the majestic beauty of the waterfall and look how alluring it looks against the lush background of the hills. If you genuinely wish to spend some time amidst nature, then this waterfall is perhaps the best place to relax and unwind. Visit here and enjoy the peace and tranquility.

  • Kalambo Falls

Yet another waterfall on the list is Kalambo Falls. Referred to as the second largest fall in Africa, this waterfall plunges down about 221m into Lake Tanganyika. This is one of the charming lakes in Africa and should not be missed while visiting Tanzania. It is a single-drop waterfall on the border of Zambia and is counted amongst the archaeological resources in Africa.

  • Marangu Waterfalls

Also known as Ndoro Waterfalls, this one lies right at the foothills of the beautiful Kilimanjaro Mountain. This heavenly place is home to plenty of exotic species of flora and fauna. The presence of the tallest dormant volcano multiplies the beauty and significance of this waterfall by manifolds. This waterfall offers an amazing opportunity of hiking and allows photographers to capture some of the excellent shots.

  • Meru Fall

How could one forget to describe the Meru Fall while listing the best-known waterfalls in Tanzania for a sensuous dip? Perched amidst the lush beauty of Arusha Forest, Meru Fall plunges into the beautiful pool surrounded by green plants and rocks. The sheer beauty of this waterfall makes this place worth-visiting. You can visit at any time of the year and gaze at the spectacular natural beauty while taking a leisurely stroll around the waterfall. What keeps you waiting? Make American Airlines flight reservations to Tanzania now and witness the aesthetic beauty of the famous waterfalls that will surely fascinate you. You can Use American Airlines Español telefono for book flight.

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